Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Anya Mckinney (RIP)

Anya Mckinney, daughter of a friend of mine.
She has an elder sister that looks like Maggie Q and a very cute little cheeky sister.
I've only met her twice, so far. Once during CNY and few months back at MPH.
I was looking forward to meet the 3 pretty sisters again next CNY (2011) but ... :(

Sweet Anya :)

Anya on top of her elder sister, Ariel.

Analise during CNY '10

Dear Lil Anya,

You're such a lovely little girl with bright future, very cheerful girl indeed.
But certain things could not be predicted and avoided.
Everything happens for a reason, you shall be missed, lil Anya Mckinney.

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  1. She's gorgeee and cute. I'm sooo sorry =( RIP little girl xx

  2. Anya, sweet Anya, was the granddaughter of precious friends of mine I served in Hong Kong with back in 1968. Such a tragedy, but we know she loved the Lord dearly and now runs and plays, and laughs in His presence. May the lives of all she touched be blessed in the days and years to come.